This image is based on an introductory tutorial (CG Boost). I have added a red wine glass that I modeled some time before. There are still some small issues with the image.
My first project following the tutorial of Blender Guru showing my personal interpretation of a donut and a well shaped coffee mug.
A trial to make neon-letters on a brick wall. It does not look that real yet, since it is missing a frame and some cables.
Here I tried some new features in Blender 2.80 using Fresnel effects, emission shading, and noise texture mapping.
This graphic started as a project for a potential journal cover of a paper. A similar version of that graphic got published as a homepage banner for the Biophysical Journal in 2019.
A lazy project, where I used an optical mapped cardiac tissue showing Calcium waves. One wave is trapped on an obstacle (black circle) and one wave originates from a pair of electrodes.
This illustration highlights my Diploma thesis. I used the materials for Enceladus and the Cassini spacecraft that are available at the NASA homepage. It's simple, but nice.
This image is supposed to highlight the mechano-sensing of motile cells on rigid substrates. My kids called it the monster cell. I build it up from skratch and used a wave-let generator in blender.